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自籠りの岩 jigomori
Jigomori view Point
t is an observation platform walking from the statue of a girl in a part of the Nakayama Peninsula, but when you finally climb up to the top of the rock along an iron ladder and chain, there is a small shrine in the middle of a tatami mat.
Rock climbing like foot sweeping, Bouldering is recommended if you are a hobbyist or climber.
Nakayama Peninsula and holidays can be hidden under the eyes, but the best view, the mountain path of the Nakayama Peninsula from the statue of the maid is easy to get lost, there is also information that the last chain has run out, and once I was young I have only been there but it is impossible for my age to check the situation. Anyway the scenery was the best but there is only a memory that it was a terribly dangerous place. It is too dangerous and there is no guarantee of life so we do not recommend it.
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